Our Beliefs

We believe the corona-virus is not going away immediately- and we take it very, very seriously. It is the reason we have closed down tours at our sister company, French Quartour Kids, as well as the reason that many of us elected to stop teaching this year. We believe in vigilant self monitoring for symptoms, constant vetting of people and situations for safety, and least exposure possible. So, how can we keep this safe?

Concentric Circles of Safety

Obviously the safest option is staying inside and alone. That is not feasible- but that’s what many kids have been doing. When we hear our kids beg to go to a car wash or pick up food, it makes our hearts wilt.
So, what do we do?
We carefully select who we invite into our lives. We start with extended family, friends we trust, and then, friends of friends. We look to informed, aware people who take precautions and listen to science. We’re selective with our circles of people.

Virtual Clubs & Classes

​With our club classes, kids can still socialize and have structure. It’s definitely not the same as spending recess with friends- we get that. However, it gives kids the opportunity to work in groups, share experiences, and have a routine and structure that will give their days more definition. For example, kids knowing that they have Book Club on Mondays at 10:00, Art Club on Tuesdays at 3:00, or History’s Mystery Project filming on Fridays at 2:00 gives kids a structure that will give their days purpose, excitement, and meaning. They’ll make new friends, learn new things, and give mom and dad a chance to reestablish their own work-life balance.

“Pandemic Pods”

As noted in our description of pods, this is a private, static group vetted by you- and us. We interview you, as you interview us.

How it works:
We send you a corona-virus response checklist. This tells us the precautions you think are important and that you’ve been implementing in your family. Then we set up a virtual meeting (yes, Zoom!). If we are both comfortable, then we’ll have a socially distanced interview. This will take place outside with 6 feet of distance or inside masked. Once that all feels comfortable, then we’ll begin small group classes outside. The location is negotiable. We can meet in your backyard, patio, or porch- or head off to an outdoor classroom in City Park, Audubon Park, or the Lakefront. We’re flexible- but another adult would need to be present for meetings in public spaces.

As time progresses and we become part of each others’ concentric circles, we can move inside to a room in your house, coffee shop, or in a space provided by the teacher.

If joining with other families, each of those families would go through a similar procedure.

We will be following all CDC guidelines. We are open to getting Covid tested if requested.