To Pod or Not to Pod?

First of all: what is a pod? This is a relatively new term borne out of necessity in pandemic times. In dealing with Covid, we know staying home is the safest option. But, there are academic and social needs that our kids miss while home-bound and isolated from peers. Pods prevent social isolation, provide structure for kids, and keep them working towards their learning goals. As the pandemic has progressed over months, we’ve decided- as informed adults- which situations feel safe and which people we trust to have been safe. By now, we know the friend or relative who is not taking this seriously- and we’ve avoided them. Unfortunately, schools don’t have that luxury. That’s where pods come in. Instead of sending your kids to an environment you can’t control, a pod is a safe, small group of families you know and trust. Pods are private learning communities of families looking for a safe alternative to in-person schooling.